Academic Extension

Many children have special talents, be they in mathematics, sport, art or music. Some of our boys happen to be gifted learners. We recognise, support and challenge these students through our Academic Extension Program in the Middle School. This offers enrichment, extension and critical thinking opportunities to stimulate and motivate these students. Depending on the nature of their strengths, students can be extended in English, Humanities, Mathematics, Music and Science.

This model of gifted education was developed in consultation with the Gifted and Talented experts in the Education Faculty at Flinders University. Our program is centred around extension, not acceleration. Students in this program complete the same core curriculum as others in their year level while also receiving extension work.

Different students have different strengths. Being a talented student does not necessarily mean boys are talented in all areas. We have created a program where a student can be extended in Mathematics and Science but remains with his core group for his other subjects. In the same way, a student can receive extension in English and Humanities only. Some students benefit from extension in all four areas.

Involvement in the Academic Extension Program is based on recommendation from the Student Assistance Team. This comes after an assessment which is based on PAT-R testing, NAPLAN results, MSD testing and school reports.

For more information, please contact the Student Assistance Team.