Our Princes Men Gallery Induction – Mr Peter Flavel

Old Collegian, Peter Flavel, was inducted into the Princes Men Gallery on Thursday 21 February 2019.

Each Term, it is customary for Prince Alfred College to honour the exceptional achievements of one of our Old Scholars in their chosen fields. Peter Flavel, who completed his schooling at PAC in 1977, now lives in London and is the Chief Executive of the House of Coutts and at the very top of his profession.

Speaking at Our Princes Men Gallery Induction Ceremony, Prince Alfred College Headmaster, Mr Bradley Fenner, highlighted Peter’s achievements throughout his life including his time with PAC, his love of Hockey and his professional accomplishments as a leader, internationally, in his field.

Speech by: Headmaster Bradley Fenner

Good afternoon students, staff and special guests, past Headmaster Mr Geoffrey Bean, and in particular Mr Peter Flavel, family and friends. It gives me great pleasure to welcome our special guests here today for this induction.

For those who are new to the school this year, it is our practice to honour a new addition to the Princes Men Gallery each Term. You would have noticed, particularly on the walls of the Memorial Building, photographs of Old Scholars, together with an account of the distinction that they have achieved in their chosen fields. Today we recognise someone with an international standing and recognition within his chosen field.

Peter Flavel, finished his schooling at Prince Alfred College in 1977, having started here in the final year of the Preparatory School, which at that time was Year 7. Peter made excellent progress throughout his time at the College and won a number of academic and all-round excellence prizes. In his final year, he was a College Prefect.

Peter played cricket and hockey throughout his time at the school, with the latter sport being, according to Peter, his true love. He played in the 1stXI Hockey Team from Year 8 as a forward and during his time in the Team they were undefeated, never losing or even drawing a game in school competition.

Unfortunately, in Year 12 Peter sustained a serious knee injury which dashed his prospects of playing hockey at the highest levels, having been a State representative up to that time.  As a result of the injury, Peter started coaching, including the school 1stXI, while he was going through university.  Peter was joint coach of the first Intercol Hockey Team, which PAC won.  At the same time, he coached his club, Adelaide, to its first ever A Grade Men’s Premiership.

Peter completed a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Adelaide and then a Bachelor of Economics and Commerce, which he commenced at Adelaide and then completed at the University of Melbourne. Later studies have taken Peter to the Harvard Business School, to Oxford University and to the Singularity University in Silicon Valley where he undertook an Executive Program.

After working for a few years as a Commercial Litigation Solicitor and Barrister, Peter moved into the finance sector, initially as a Management Consultant and then in investment management, following which he entered the banking sector in the mid 1990s.

Moving to Singapore, he became in due course Global Head of Standard Chartered Bank and then Chief Executive at JP Morgan Private Wealth Management Asia. During this time, he won a series of international awards including a special award for Outstanding Strategy from Private Banker International, and Outstanding Private Banker Asia-Pacific.

This led to Peter becoming, in 2016, Chief Executive of the House of Coutts, the seventh oldest bank in the world, based in London. Coutts is the UK’s iconic private banking brand and market leader. Its client base has always included the most successful and influential families in the United Kingdom, including the Royal Family. But I will let Peter tell us more about that. Peter is the first non-British person to lead Coutts and is therefore an acknowledged leader internationally in his field. Peter is at the very top of his profession.

Having now met Peter on a few occasions, I am also well aware of his fine individual qualities. Having heard Peter speak at a London dinner for our Old Scholars, I know how proud he is of PAC and how well he encapsulates the very best qualities of the Princes Man that we all aspire to. Peter has made the most of his considerable talents and is determined, focused and entrepreneurial, but he is also engaging and personable and a man of principle.

Peter Flavel, it is with great pleasure and pride that I induct you into Our Princes Men Gallery.

Bradley Fenner
Headmaster, Prince Alfred College.

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