Ken Lord’s 92nd Birthday

A celebration with recipients of the Ken Lord Family Boarding Scholarship.

Guest of honour at the College this morning was Ken Lord, (PAC 1940-44) on his 92nd birthday.  Happy Birthday, Ken!

Ken’s scholarship now funds six boarding students and with pride he refers to the recipients as ‘My Boys’.  Five recipients joined Ken this morning, along with the Headmaster, Foundation President, and Chairman of the College Council, for morning tea.  The sixth recipient is on the extended stay program at the College’s Wambana Campus.

Ken enjoys the opportunity to hear from the boys of their experiences at the College, and of life back on the station properties they come from. In turn, the boys value knowing Ken, appreciate his understanding of station living, and admire his zest for life.

The establishment and success of the Ken Lord Family Boarding Scholarship is something I consider myself privileged to have been involved in.  Ken’s philanthropy  is indeed transformational, and a gift which will continue to change young lives in perpetuity.  For me, the photograph of the boys with Ken and myself taken this morning is very special.

I thank Ken for his vision and generosity.

David Cornish
Executive Officer
PAC Foundation