Why Choose a Boys’ School?

Whilst there is much commonality in the way girls and boys develop, learn and think, there are also some key differences. Many schools ignore this crucial understanding and teach boys and girls as if they were a uniform group.

Research shows that boys and girls not only have distinctive bodies – they have distinctive brains. This means that their development is different in almost every way – socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Boys mature later than girls. They learn at their own pace. They are bursting with energy, funny, creative and risk-taking as well as disorganised!

Boys learn by doing. They need to be heard. They are strongly influenced by peers and adult mentors.

Boys can struggle with literacy. Their learning drops off if classroom discipline is not maintained. Yet they respond to the right incentives and teachers have a strong impact.

With 150 years of experience in teaching boys, we understand what makes them tick.

We set high expectations – and the boys respond with high achievement.

We value every boy’s individuality – and they learn to value each other.

We see their leadership potential – and they rise to become leaders.

We keep boys active with classes, sports and the arts. We nurture their minds, challenge their bodies and motivate their spirits. We watch them grow with pride.

We are committed to helping all our boys develop into men who have confidence, integrity and compassion. We see their morals and values as being as important as their grades.

The boys at PAC learn to be independent, yet interconnected. Their individual pursuits are encouraged alongside a dedication to community service.

We support their striving for excellence as we nourish their understanding of wider social responsibilities.

We believe our College offers excellent opportunities for developing a sense of modern masculinity in boys – a manhood that includes ethics as well as achievement, and an ethos that values women.

Prince Alfred College is proud to help the next generation of boys go beyond their dreams to achieve their full potential.

Why a School for Boys’ IBSC Video

The International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC) has recently compiled a video from its member schools, outlining why you might consider sending your son to a boys-only school. Prince Alfred College is an active member of the IBSC and our contributions feature numerously in this production. Click on the link to view: Why a School for Boys?