The Strategic Plan

The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

The previous three year strategic plan for Prince Alfred College concluded at the end of 2015 and we are very pleased with the results of the implementation of that plan. The College is operating very well at a number of levels, with record enrolment.

During 2015, we undertook a wide consultation with our community as a precursor to the formulation of a new strategic plan, which will take us through our 150th anniversary celebrations in 2019. We are very grateful to Kathy Carruthers and Jane Jeffries for their work in facilitating this process.

We wish to acknowledge the College Council and Executive for their work in the formulation and development of the plan. We would also like to acknowledge the many members of our community, students, staff, parents and Old Collegians, who provided input through the survey and the subsequent focus groups.

The new strategic plan clearly articulates our beliefs and goals, as well as providing us with a number of areas of strategic focus for the next  five years. The strategies in each of these areas are aimed at building on the traditional strengths of the College, whilst ensuring we are best meeting the needs of our students and community in the 21st century.

The College Council and the College Executive will now strive to ensure, through good governance and management, that the various goals of the new strategic plan are achieved.

We look forward to working with the Princes community in further developing Prince Alfred College as an acknowledged leader in boys’ education.