Art, Design and Technology

The Art, Design and Technology faculty caters for creative and technical learning from Years 6 to 12 and offers programs within the MYP, SACE and IB Diploma.

Academic Extension opportunities exist such as the World Solar Cycle Challenge, photographic expeditions and artist and design competition entry. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in their learning and to experience skills and knowledge across a range of practical disciplines. Each discipline within the faculty has an emphasis on creative, critical and reflective thinking. This is celebrated by boys using a range of media and technologies to understand their world and to work towards finding solutions for a better world. Art, Design and Technology is a critical experience within a middle schooling environment and within the senior school allows students to specialise in preparation for further study and employment.

Typical vocations which have a strong connection with the faculty include trades and construction vocations, engineering, architecture, graphic design, product innovation, film and media, and arts and crafts industries.

The gallery shows a selection of Year 12 Design work from the 2015 class. On display are examples of graphic design, architecture and product design. A key focus for design students is to ensure that their creative thinking is presented to the highest standards. To this end, students gain technical confidence with a range of software and media to realise their conceptual ideas.

The Year 12 Design class enjoyed excellent results and received recognition from SACE for the meritorious quality of a variety of works.

Middle School Photography