Winter intercol 23

Winter Intercol 2023

Welcome to Winter Intercol 2023

Welcome to Prince Alfred College and the playing of the 152nd winter Intercol. The summer Intercol saw a wonderful display of comradery and sportsmanship across all levels and across all activities between our two great schools. First played in 1871 the traditional rivalry between Saints and Princes is something our boys and families have come to love and celebrate, and history tells us the memories created over these next few days will endure long after our boys leave their schools.

I thank Mr Browning and the St Peter’s players, coaches, and spectators for the positive way you always engage in the fixtures between our two schools.

I ask that over these few days when you are around the College that you take a short moment to say thank you to the many staff of both schools, but particularly the grounds staff, catering and events staff, and of course the many passionate and dedicated coaches that have made this season possible.

I look forward to seeing you around the College and hearing the stories of triumph and perhaps a last gasp victory, but also stories of hard-fought losses. These experiences all make up the rich tapestry of each of our lives. We know that our players, coaches and spectators will continue to ensure dignity and humility is in abundance and that respect for each other is always maintained, because these are the lessons our boys will learn and take with them into their futures.

All the best to the players and coaches for the playing of the 2023 Winter Intercol.

David Roberts | Headmaster