Prince Alfred Old Collegians’ Association

The Prince Alfred Old Collegians’ Association first convened on Thursday, 26 September 1878 and 65 old scholars attended. This was the start of the tradition of old scholars maintaining their links with the College. Over the past one hundred and thirty three years, many men have given of their time and expertise in the management of their Association, which continues to this day.

Widely recognized as one of the leading organisations of its type, the College is indeed fortunate to have a strong and active Old Collegians Association. The PAOCA, through its many events and its subsidiary sports clubs, provide a wide variety of opportunities for old scholars to remain in contact with each other and the College.The College is also grateful for the support provided by the PAOCA to the College whether it is financial or through its interest in the culture and heritage of the College.

Today the College still proudly welcomes its old scholars back to the College. Their connection with PAC is a lifelong experience and the heritage they pass on to today’s students is priceless. Please contact the PAOCA Executive Officer or visit the PAOCA web site should you wish to know more about the PAOCA or participate in any of its events.

To look for Prince Alfred College Old Collegians you may like to connect with, follow the PAC LinkedIn Company Schools page and click on Alumni in the menu. You can search for former students who have added PAC as their educational institution in their profile.
If you are an Old Red and have not already, you can also add PAC to your own LinkedIn page details, in the EDUCATION section of your personal profile.