Duke of Edinburgh’s, International Award

Prince Alfred College is proud to offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Starting at Year 9, our boys can enrol in the Bronze Award, with opportunities existing in Year 10 for the Silver Award and the Gold Award in Years 11 and 12. The Award is voluntary and the participant must actively sign up and engage in the activities.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award has a rich history dating back to 1956 when The Duke of Edinburgh launched The Award.

The original aim of The Award was to motivate boys aged between 14 and 24 years old, to become involved in a balanced program of voluntary, self-development activities, to take them through the difficult period between adolescence and adulthood. While aspects of The Award have changed, and The Award has evolved to be called the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, this original aim of The Award still holds true at Princes. The Award provides a platform to encourage students to succeed, push their personal boundaries and evolve as Princes Men. A rich history exists of engagement in The Award with many Old Reds completing The Award at Gold Level throughout the many years of delivery.

The International Award serves to provide our boys with new skills and to push their capacity and abilities within four key areas; Skill, Physical Recreation, Service and the Adventurous Journey. As the levels of The Award increase, so do the demands of the program. Each area is classified as follows;

  • Skill; This where the boys learn a new skill or refine an old skill. The focus for this section is on something non-physical. An example would be an extra curricular musical instrument.
  • Physical Recreation; This where the boys focus on either a new or existing sporting activity. Participation and continuous engagement in a sport is a key aspect of The Award. An example would be engagement in an extra curricular sport (football, hockey, swimming etc.)
  • Service; this is where the boys focus on giving back to the community. The focus for this section is to engage in providing support to a part of the community that will benefit from assistance. It involves volunteering and must be outside of the immediate family. An example of this may be to volunteer for the Year 5/6 AusKick team.
  • Adventurous Journey; This is where the boys push themselves in an unfamiliar environment. The Journey involves the student participating in an overnight (or several night) expedition. The journeys will vary in distance and demands, with a variety of modes of transport or purposes able to be pursued. Opportunities are offered for the Adventurous Journey through Outdoor Education or the Wambana Program at Year 9.

The demands for each level increase as the participant progresses through the program and the table below serves to summarise the minimum levels of application at each level of The Award.

For further information please visit http://www.intaward.org/ Or contact Mr. Ashley Hutchings, Award Leader ahutchings@pac.edu.au

Award LevelJourney RequirementsRequirement
Minimum age 14 years*
*boys slightly younger but in year 9 will be accepted.
2 x journeys each a minimum 2 days, 1 night.3 months Physical Recreation
3 months Skill
3 months Service
Students must do ONE of the above for a minimum 6 months.
Minimum age 15 years.
2 x journeys each a minimum 3 days, 2 nights.6 months Physical Recreation
6 months Skill
6 months Service
Non Bronze holders must do an extra 6 months of ONE of the above.
Minimum age 16 years.
2 x journeys each a minimum 4 days, 3 nights.12 months Physical Recreation
12 months Skill
12 months Service
Non Silver holders must do an extra 6 months of ONE of the above.