Prince Alfred College Foundation Scholarship Fund – Indigenous Scholarship

An Indigenous Scholarship is available to students of Indigenous Australian background entering Prince Alfred College in Years 7 to 11 in 2019.  An Indigenous Scholarship is usually awarded annually on the basis of academic potential, the student’s extra-curricular interests and an interview.

2019 Indigenous Scholarship applications now closed

Applications for the Indigenous Scholarships for 2019 are now closed.

Future applications for future Scholarships will need to provide the following information.                                

Required information:

  • Family name, given names, date of birth, home address
  • School year level in 2019
  • Name of current school, school address
  • Is the student seeking to be a day student or a boarder?
  • Mother’s or Guardian’s: family name, given names, home address, mobile, email, occupation
  • Father’s or Guardian’s: family name, given names, home address, mobile; email, occupation
  • List the sporting, extra-curricular and community activities the student participates in.
  • The student is to provide up to 250 words about what receiving a scholarship would mean to him.

Future indigenous Scholarship information and application details, will be made available here when they become open.

Scholarship benefits

The Indigenous Scholarship entitles the recipient to a reduction of 50% of teaching (tuition) fees only. For example, the teaching fee in 2018 for a Year 11 student is $23,190 so the scholarship recipient would pay only $11,595.

The following fees and costs are not covered by the scholarship:

  • Travel to and from the College
  • Boarding fees – if applicable
  • School camps, excursions, sporting trips and sports participation
  • Laptop computer, books and stationery
  • College and sporting uniform

The College Fee Schedule can be found at

It is recommended that applicants consider these costs and discuss them with the College prior to submitting an application.

Selection Criteria and Process

The criteria used to assess applicants for the Indigenous Scholarship, include:

  • academic ability
  • sporting participation
  • community achievements
  • cultural achievements.

Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of a written application and final selection made based on an interview process.

An Indigenous Scholarship may not be awarded in a particular year should none of the applicants satisfactorily meet the criteria or if sufficient funds are not available.