2020 Fee Schedule  
 The College Council has approved the following scale of fees and charges for 2020  
 Australian Resident Students  
  Tuition Fee Consolidated Charge Day Students Total Fees Payable per Annum Boarding Students Total Fees Payable per Annum
Reception $13,500 $2,190 $15,690 N/A
Year 1 to 2 $14,130 $2,190 $16,320 N/A
Year 3 to 4 $16,350 $2,280 $18,630 N/A
Years 5 to 6 $18,300 $2,400 $20,700 N/A
Years 7 to 9 $21,870 $3,060 $24,930 $26,004
Years 10 to 12 $24,060 $3,150 $27,210 $26,004
 International Students 2020  
  Tuition Fee Consolidated Charge Day Students Total Fees Payable per Annum Boarding Students Total Fees Payable per Annum
Reception $21,300 $2,190 $23,490 N/A
Year 1 to 2 $21,930 $2,190 $24,120 N/A
Year 3 to 4 $24,150 $2,280 $26,430 N/A
Years 5 to 6 $26,100 $2,400 $28,500 N/A
Years 7 to 9 $32,160 $3,060 $35,220 $26,004
Years 10 to 12 $36,300 $3,150 $39,450 $26,004

Consolidated Charge

The Consolidated Charge is compulsory and covers most curriculum activities such as camps, excursions, theatrical performances and many of the costs associated with the sport and co-curricular programs offered by the College. Please note, however, that the Consolidated Charge does not include expenses such as interstate and overseas visits, textbooks, secondary school stationery and individual requirements for art, applied design, photography, technical studies, metalwork, woodwork, special projects and outdoor education. These items will be charged at the end of each term.

Student Laptop Requirement

All students in Years 7 to 12 are required to purchase a nominated device through the College Website.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Fee

For students in Year 11 and 12 undertaking the International Baccalaureate Diploma, $2,130 per annum.

Tuition Fee Discounts for Brothers (attending at the same time)

In the case of younger brothers attending the College at the same time a 10% discount applies to the second son, 20% for the third son, 30% for the fourth son and 40% for the fifth and subsequent son(s). Please note that this rebate applies only to the Annual Tuition Fee and not the Consolidated Charge.
Sibling discounts may not apply where some other form of assistance is provided to a brother.

Seymour College Sibling Discount

If you have children attending Prince Alfred College and Seymour College at the same time, you are eligible for a 5% sibling discount at each College. Please download the application form below.

Single Studies Music Lessons

Parents of students wishing to receive individual music instruction should contact the Music Department on +61 8 8334 1235 to make arrangements, as you will be required to sign an agreement with the instrument teacher. Unless notified otherwise, accounts for music tuition will be rendered by, and are payable directly to, the instrumental teacher, not the College.

Building Fund – Voluntary Donation

$150.00 per child, per fee instalment.  This is a voluntary payment which is tax deductible.

Miscellaneous Charges

Accounts for optional items are issued at the end of each term eg. interstate and overseas visits, music tuition and instrument hire, taxi fares, technical studies, metal and wood work, books and materials, other extra curricular activities and special projects. Due dates in 2020 are Friday 8 May, Friday 7 August, Friday 23 October and Friday 11 December. Please note that as miscellaneous charges are variable, they are not included in amounts in the Fee Schedule.

Interest on Overdue Fees

Interest on overdue accounts is charged at the prevailing published rate of the Westpac Bank Business Overdraft on the date the interest charge is levied on the account by the College.

Payment Methods

Fees and charges may be paid by BPAY, internet transfer, cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (MasterCard, AMEX and Visa). The College’s banking details are located on the back of the invoice/statement.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Boarding Fees include an additional Boarding Consolidated Charge of $924 (GST inclusive).
  2. Failure to pay fees by the due date will incur a late payment fee of $100.
  3. The College Council reserves the right to terminate attendance of a student whose account remains unpaid at the due date.
  4. A full term’s written notice must be provided to the Headmaster advising the withdrawal of a student from the College or a change in their boarding status, otherwise one term’s fee will be payable in lieu of notice.
  5. Tax deductible receipts will be forwarded for Building Fund donations.
  6. Grants from Commonwealth and State Governments have been taken into account in determining the annual fees.

Seymour College Family Discount
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Refund Policy for International Students
2020 Fee Schedule (including Fee Payment Options)