Student Image Consent Form

Permission to Use Student Photographs/Artwork/Multimedia

From time to time Prince Alfred College releases photographs to the media to promote curricular and co-curricular activities at school and within the community.

These images may also be used in student newsletters, periodicals, annuals, the PAC website, social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn) and marketing materials produced by or for Prince Alfred College.

Media outlets may also use images in articles on print and digital media, these will be monitored and if deemed inappropriate they will be asked to be removed.

In addition, occasionally your son may be included in videos produced by his teachers or staff to celebrate curriculum at PAC.  These videos are often posted to YouTube on the PAC archive channel.  Students are rarely identified by name in these instances.

We seek your permission to include your child’s photograph/quotes or interviews and/or artwork in these mediums.  This permission will continue to be valid for the time your son is at Prince Alfred College, unless you specifically withdraw it.

Please download the 2019 Photographic Release Form and return it to:

Elena Christianos