Pastoral Care in the Secondary School

Pastoral care in the Secondary School at Prince Alfred College is central to our ethos as a school and is fundamental to the development of the Princes Man. As educators, it permeates through all that we do and is implicit in all situations in which we have contact with children. Thus, the effect on the development of the students under our care is considerable. We acknowledge that each child is unique with individual needs, potential, limitations, circumstances, feelings, opportunities and expectations. Our philosophy is to be concerned for the child as an individual and to develop to a maximum, the all-round potential that is inherent in every boy. Therefore, we wish to provide a transformative experience that provides a boy with every opportunity to achieve long term happiness and fulfilment.

Pastoral care in the Middle and Senior School at Prince Alfred College aims to:

  • Provide care for the needs of the individual students,
  • Help all students maximise their success at school by developing the skills, self-esteem and confidence that support their endeavours, whilst also
  • Develop their social-emotional and relational learning, as well as their individual development.

We believe that pastoral care is embedded in all aspects of school life and in that sense, is provided by all staff, both formally and informally in the classroom, schoolyard, or in the variety of co-curricular settings that exist. Our pastoral team comprises staff who support the students throughout their different stages of development at the school. That team, including the Year Level Coordinator, Tutor and our Wellbeing Team, ensure each student receives individual pastoral support throughout their Princes journey.

To deliver the very best pastoral care for the boys at Prince Alfred College, we undertake to:

  • deliver a pastoral care system that is underpinned by the College’s core beliefs.
  • provide quality opportunities for staff and students to develop positive relationships through an effective tutorial program.
  • ensure there is committed leadership, management and support for the pastoral care program.
  • be proactive in the partnership that exists between staff, students and parents.
  • have an open culture towards health and student welfare.
  • develop a culture of professional learning that ensures all our staff are equipped with the necessary skills to be effective tutors and provide best practice pastoral care.
  • offer a strong year level system in which there is effective pastoral provision for the student and communication between the school and families.
  • delivering a wellbeing program that focuses on developing the virtues of good character and which also equips our students to be able lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.
  • ensure our culture of pastoral care is evident in all aspects and operations of the school and that all involved are consistent in their delivery of the program.
  • provide regular masterclasses to educate parents around pastoral care and wellbeing issues.

Students in both the Middle and Senior School are assigned to a Tutor group, which is overseen by a member of staff, the Tutor. They operate under the guidance of the Year Level Coordinator who generally follows a cohort of students through each respective sub-school (7 to 8 to 9; 10 to 11 to 12) to ensure continuity of care is provided during those years. The Tutor lies at the heart of our pastoral care program at Princes. They are a teacher who advises, trains and counsels students within a Tutor group and as such, they have an important and integral role to play in supporting the overall needs of the boys at Prince Alfred College. The role encompasses not only the pastoral and wellbeing needs of the students under their care, but they also provide support on their academic journey. They also represent the first point of call for parents and they play an integral role in developing the partnership that exists between families and the school. Tutors provide the primary point of contact for parents for most general academic and pastoral matters as well as providing someone for the students to turn to or seek advice from.

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