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Welcome to the Outdoor Education information page. Here you will find all of the specific program information that you will need. Also attached is the outdoor education consent form required for all of our programs. The booklets are attached to the highlighted text within each section.

Our programs begin with the Year 3 Adelaide Hills program at Woodhouse. This 3 day 2 night adventure will see our boys participate in a tabloid of activities that cover many aspects of group development, teamwork and culinary skills.

The Year 4 boys travel down to Victor Harbor for the Coastal Ecology program at Victor Harbor. The beach environment and coastal activities represent the major focus of the program.  A copy of the consent form required to be signed for Victor Harbor Aquatics Consent form can be found here.

The Year 5 Father & Son Weekend is the first opportunity for the boy’s  to visit the Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre. This is a shared experience for boys and their fathers or significant male role model. The program is designed to encourage the building of relationships between fathers and sons as well as an opportunity for networking between the dads.

Program 1- 5 Lacy- 17th-18th March- Click Here 

Program 2- 5 Thompson & year 5’s from 5/6 McKay – 19th- 20th May- Click Here

Click here for Father or significant other medical form

The boys then return to Scotts Creek with their classes as part of the Year 5 Cultural Perspectives program. Students will have the opportunities to explore the way the land and river was used by Indigenous people before and after European settlement. Students will be introduced to canoeing and minimal impact camping in conjunction with swimming and water safety in the river environment.

The Year 6 Eco-Adventure  program at Scotts Creek has a major focus on the aquatic based activities. Boys will be taught the fundamental skills and safety procedures of canoeing and river rescues. Boys will work together in small activity groups understanding basic ecological concepts. The students will also take part in an overnight expedition into the Mallee.

The Year 5/6 Class has a modified program to cater for the multiple levels with boys completing activities from both the Year 5 and Year 6 programs. Boys will have the opportunity to separate into year levels for these tasks while also coming together as a one for other activities including mission impossible. The combined 5/6 class program booklet can be found here.

The Year 7 Program  at Scotts Creek gives boys an insight into the ecology of the Mallee and wetland environments. Boys will continue with developing outdoor skills such as canoeing, navigation and camp-craft with an overnight canoe expedition on the Murray River.

The Year 8 boys have two Outdoor Education programs throughout the year. The first is an overnight ‘Fundamentals’ program at Hindmarsh Island. This experience has been designed to integrate new boys to Prince Alfred College with those boys who have spent their primary years in the Preparatory School.  Students will also have an opportunity to learn to surf and learn the basic skills for their kayaking expedition later in the year at Scotts Creek.

Year 8 Hindmarsh Island Booklet

Year 8 Hindmarsh Island Surf Lesson Consent Form

The final Outdoor Program for students at Scotts Creek is the Year 8 Adventure Program with a focus on the balance between environmental education, personal development and adventure. Boys take part in a kayaking expedition and climbing on the adventure high ropes course. The boys will need to utilise the skills and safety learnt during the week to help each other achieve personal and group goals.  Boys will also need to plan, provide and prepare their meals while on the kayaking expedition.  

Year 8 Scotts Creek Program Booklet

A copy of the menu booklet can be can be found here.

Our Year 11 boys have the opportunity to support most of our programs through the Outdoor Leadership program.

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Outdoor Education Consent Form

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