Middle School

We offer an engaging and stimulating learning experience for our Middle School students from Year 7 to 9.

Our curriculum is framed by the Australian Curriculum which focuses on the development of the whole child, and emphasises intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth.

Our aim is designed to teach students to become independent learners who recognise relationships between their studies at school and the world around them. They learn to adapt to new situations and apply relevant knowledge, practical and social skills to solve authentic problems.

We appreciate that boys are in a transitional stage of their development and require a blend of approaches to successfully harness their energy and potential.  We focus on collaborative approaches in education, with a significant emphasis on students gaining a personal understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and an appreciation of how they best learn.

Our students are challenged to maximise their potential through an engaging curriculum and inspiring co-curricular programs. Through eduCOOK, the Scotts Creek experience in Year 7, the eduKART program and the outdoor experience in Year 8, the  Wambana Extended Stay Program and the Personal Best Project in Year 9 our students connect their learning to the real world. Their commitment to sport, performing arts, visual arts, music, debating, chess, drama, public speaking and community service round off the holistic development provided, like no other independent school in Australia, in the Middle School.

Our students leave the Middle School as engaged learners with enhanced skills in literacy and numeracy and life skills to ensure success in the future. They are ready for the discipline and challenges that lie ahead in the Senior School.