The co-curriculum programs in the Middle School are aimed at supporting and enhancing the curriculum. Boys are offered a broad range of programs, activities and events to fully develop their intellectual, personal, physical, social and emotional development. The co-curriculum program encompasses a wide range of activities including sport, artistic activities, student leadership, debating, chess, drama, public speaking, music, outdoor education and community service.

Each year of the Middle School has one significant extra-curricular program which links curriculum to the life of a student.

eduCook – Year 7
eduCook is a week-long experiential and interactive learning experience set in a cooking context. Boys work in small groups to plan and create fresh and tasty meals, from the simple to the complex. Through this program, students will also develop life-long skills in terms of working effectively as a member of a team, taking calculated risks, learning from mistakes and problem solving.

Cooking skills, the correct use of kitchen utensils, budgeting, food handling, healthy eating and the identification and purchase of fresh produce are other important life skills the program will develop.

eduCook has been developed in collaboration with Themis Chryssidis (a PAC old scholar and an accredited practicing dietician) and Callum Hann (celebrity chef and Masterchef contestant). Themis and Callum will work with our students and staff for the week in providing guidance and expertise.  

eduKart – Year 8
eduKart is a unique learning opportunity for Year 8 boys. It is a hands-on, made for boys program, which connects curriculum to a real life context through the building, testing and racing of an electric powered go-kart.

Boys rarely have opportunities to design, create or get their hands dirty as young men once did. This opportunity provides them with the chance to work in small groups to build an electric powered vehicle from the ground up.

During the process, students learn to work collaboratively, be resourceful, problem solve, test, refine and take responsibility in building their vehicle.

Wambana – Year 9
The Year 9 Extended Stay experience at our Wambana Campus on the Yorke Peninsula is an exciting initiative designed to meet the specific needs of adolescent boys.  It is a sustained experiential learning program providing a rigorous academic curriculum and innumerable opportunities for personal development and authentic leadership. Each class of Year 9 students participate in the four-week extended stay program which focuses on five key elements of a boy’s education:

  • Social and emotional development
  • Adventure and challenge
  • An affirmation of adolescence
  • An academic program dictated by the natural and local environment
  • Contributing to community service