Academic Extension

At Prince Alfred College, we believe that academic extension should be encouraged for all pupils, and that this takes many forms. It is expected that every pupil will strive to achieve his very best in all subjects, to develop natural curiosity and a love of learning, and to appreciate the opportunity for academic development that each subject represents.

Class groupings

In Mathematics and English, class sets allow students to study in class groups that allow students’ learning to be extended at a level of breadth, depth and pace suitable to their current needs. Class grouping are flexible, allowing students to move between sets at appropriate learning milestones.

Scholars’ Forum and Colloquium

Students may be invited to participate in their year level scholars’ forum, leading to student-led colloquium as the year progresses. There is no set curriculum; topics may draw from the fields of Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities and English. Students will be encouraged to broaden their knowledge of each subject in areas outside the set curriculum, to participate in debate and discussion, and to contribute to the growth of academic discourse in their year level.

Click on the following link for the current version of academic extension offerings for each faculty. All students are encouraged to investigate and take up these opportunities: