eduKart Program


eduKart is a unique learning opportunity for Year 8 students. It is a hands-on, made for boys program, which connects curriculum to a real life context through the building, testing and racing of an electric powered go-kart.

Each class spends a week in the eduKart workshop designing, building and refining their vehicles. In the first few days, groups of three students convert metal tubing, metal plates, sprockets, cables, electric motors, brakes, batteries and other pieces of equipment into a fully functioning electric powered vehicle. In the remaining time, they use the test track beside the workshop and the go kart track at Bolivar, to experiment, test and refine.

The program is closely linked to the curriculum, focusing specifically on Mathematics, Technology, Science and Media Studies.

The eduKart program supports the holistic development of our boys through;

    • the development of problem solving skills
    • a practical learning experience
    • connecting curriculum to the real world
    • being offered new and exciting challenges
    • working collaboratively
    • working independently
    • driving a vehicle in a safe and controlled environment

This unique experience reflects our aim to develop young men who engage in the world with confidence and compassion, by challenging and inspiring them to maximise their potential.

Year 8 boys building their eduKarts

Boys racing their eduKarts