Adolescent boys are on the verge of manhood. It can be a challenging time, a period of confusion and uncertainty.

We aim to meet their needs.

The Extended Stay Program is unique in South Australia.

It is a curriculum with a difference – a five-week journey beyond the city limits – designed to expand the boys’ limits.

Their extended stay is based at Wambana Campus, our beachside property at Point Turton on the Yorke Peninsula, where the boys engage in real life learning. The natural world is alive with wonder and full of mysteries.

The boys encounter physical and emotional challenges and face their own perceived limitations. They venture into the world, testing themselves against their ideas of who they are – and dreams of who they could be.

Beyond the city, they are not constrained by classrooms. They are engaged.

Plunged into activity from the moment they arrive, the boys encounter the rigours and joys of a 160 km bike ride.

In the field of action, boys thrive. They learn to cope, showing greater independence. At the same time they learn how to live with others. Resilience and tolerance are fostered by the staff. Encouragement is offered and support is at hand.

The boys are stretched – more, they are extended.

Every day presents new adventures, offers new rewards. As their expectations lift, so does their self esteem. Their life skills flourish.

Undertaking a wide range of challenges, they surprise themselves with their new found mastery. Within each boy is a man, eager to prove himself in the world. He is involved.

“The extended stay provided difficult challenges (cycling, running, kayaking, community service), emotional challenges (living away from home) and personal challenges unlike anything the boys have faced before. To quote my son, I would go back tomorrow, and wish we could have stayed longer.”
Dr Janet Young, Parent

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