Community Learning Programs

Community Learning Projects make a valuable contribution to the Yorke Peninsula community. The projects address environmental issues, positive community relationships, support to the elderly and assistance to the disadvantaged.

We believe that if young men are to be valued they must be active participants in the community to which they belong. Boys are given active roles in making decisions and improving the well-being of communities and individuals of the Southern Yorke Peninsula assisting them to transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Community Learning Projects are divided into two categories. Firstly, projects that involve the entire class, and secondly, individual projects that allow boys to choose issues which they are passionate about and which they believe they can make a contribution to.

Point Turton Progress Association
The Point Turton Progress Association has been working on a redevelopment of the Point Turton Playground, to incorporate natural play spaces and create a playground that is different to all other public playgrounds on the Yorke Peninsula. Nature play provides many benefits to children’s development, and as the area itself is such a natural environment, Council was supportive of the Progress Association’s plans for this space. Each Wambana program, students have been contributing to the Point Turton Progress Association in various areas of the community, and most recently have been helping with the redevelopment of the Point Turton Playground.

Gum Flat
Gum Flat is a nature reserve located east of the town of Minlaton. The Gum Flat area is home to the only naturally occurring stand of river red gums on Yorke Peninsula. The District Council of Yorke Peninsula, along with the PAC boys, are working on this reserve, preserving it as an open space where people can enjoy walking trails, a mountain bike track, and some nature play. Students have been working on building a wooden fence around an historical horse dip, while others remove invasive plants from the area so native species can be planted. School groups from the community also enjoy using this space and students at Wambana, partner with the kindy kids, to help them explore the area, build cubbies and experience nature play on this unique land.

Leisure Options
This program began on the Yorke Peninsula in early 2002. It is a recreational service offered to people with disabilities by the District Council of Yorke Peninsula.

The aim is to assist disabled people with a fun social environment, to create new friends and develop an increased sense of well being and self worth.

Southern Yorke Peninsula (SYP) Landcare – Allepo Pine Removal Programme
In 1999, members of the SYP Landcare Group Inc., supported by 46 interested locals, formed the YP Feral Trees Management Group.

Their goal is to improve the natural environment of the Southern Yorke Peninsula by removing pest trees, or woody weeds, from roadsides. This  benefits landholders and the native wildlife, as well as make the area more visually appealing.