Student Led Conference

Following the parent pick up and celebration day, all boys are expected to attend classes as normal on the following Monday.

This day is dedicated to what is referred to as the Student Led Conference. Parents are invited to attend a review conference led by their son and a Wambana staff member. This is an important time for parents to hear their son’s story through the lens of his developmental portfolio. This document, along with his letters, is an important record of his progress over the five weeks. The conference will also provide parents with the opportunity to ask their son questions about his learning and growth and receive feedback from Wambana staff.

The sharing of a boy’s portfolio is a significant milestone and acts as a final report of his extended stay experience. We aim for this to act as a new beginning in his learning journey with a renewed focus and energy; one we hope to sustain over his remaining secondary years.

The conference will take place during the day and follow our timetable structure. Each Wambana staff member will be assigned a family.

Information regarding the student led conference will be communicated to parents in the week leading up to the end of the Wambana program. All enquiries regarding the student led conference can be made through Megan McLaughlin in the Middle School on 83341200.