Health & Well Being Program

The ‘Health and Well-Being Program’ incorporates aspects of:

  • Food
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Mental skills for improved performance in sport.

Boys take an active role in all aspects of food and nutrition relating to the program. In particular, students are expected to plan a detailed  menu for their Wardli. Students have a budget and are expected to work within the guidelines set. Students are provided with a detailed guide recommending meals that are healthy, plentiful, nutritious and enjoyable!

Due to the nature of the curriculum, students are more active throughout the day than in comparison to their normal patterns of living. The boys are given the opportunity to monitor their fitness levels throughout the experience. This monitoring program forms part of the transition program when students return to the Kent Town Campus.

A focus on the mental skills necessary for improved performance in sport is incorporated into the experience.

The following Mental Skills feature as part of the ‘Health and Well-Being Curriculum:

  • Goal setting
  • Relaxation and energising techniques
  • Visualisation skills
  • Concentration and attention control training
  • Stress management