Scientific Research Program

Research Projects
Research projects are undertaken to contribute to the mainstream curriculum, in particular Mathematics, Science,, Humanities and English. The purpose is to place students in an environment that mirrors what actually happens in the real world. Students may experience what it is like to be a National Park Ranger, Marine Biologist and Scientist. The following are examples of what may be undertaken:

  • Marine Debri Surveys
  • Bird surveys of the Mallee Fowl and Hooded Plover

Research Projects provide a valuable opportunity for boys to experience the intellectual challenge of science based research.

Sometimes, the project may be an on-going study where different groups overtime contribute to the investigation. The research will require students to investigate a problem and report their findings, generally in the form of a written and/or verbal report. The research projects allow students to undertake real and valid scientific inquiry at an appropriate level. It echoes the process of the graduate research model at a more manageable, concise level.

The benefits undertaking this type of scientific research include:

  • Students undertake a real investigation into issues within the scientific community
  • Given the time and effort required to produce a report on their research, students often have a strong sense of pride and ownership in their work
  • Successful completion requires both commitment and determination. Students must also apply organisational techniques to manage the information. All these attributes help in subsequent study and endeavours.
  • Science, Mathematics, English and Humanities are given real applications that places them in context for future use and understanding.