Wambana Gallery

2016 Wambana experience!

Looking back at pictures from the second program of 2016 as the 5 week program began with a 6 day cycle tour followed by the value of shared living for 20 days in a Wardli.

There were many opportunities for coached surfing, community work, home baking and learning self-sufficient living. The boys then experienced the importance of a solo campout in the Southern Flinders Ranges with the Melrose expedition and the final three days of the program were spent on an ocean journey aboard the Tall Ship the One & All.

The Wambana program for 2016 began in fine style with boys from 9 Harford and some from 9 Steer, enjoying the warmer Term one weather.

The 34 day program continued to challenge our boys as they gained many valuable life lessons along the way. The 4 day cycle tour ensured the boys were warmed up for the challenges of living in a Wardli.

After 3 weeks of sharing a home with 7 other boys, they then moved onto the Southern Flinders Ranges for the Melrose hike and solo campout.

To cap it all off, the boys sailed home on the tall ship, The One &All.