Preparatory School

The Preparatory School offers classes from Reception to Year 6.

We endeavour to create a learning environment that values and supports

  • Academic excellence in the primary years
  • Individual strengths, differences  and needs – including a Student Success Team covering Learning Support and a Gifted and Talented programme
  • Curiosity and creativity
  • Positive self-concept
  • Team participation and co-operation
  • High standards of behaviour and self-discipline
  • Christian principles

We encourage boys to take their education beyond the classroom, to see themselves as global citizens and to act with generosity of spirit. We foster an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the school and the world. They learn to reflect on their behaviour in relation to others.

We focus on boys as individuals. Yet without a wider sense of community, boys would be lost. We help them develop values and skills that will serve them for school and life.

They are inspired to excel.

Click here to view 360⁰ virtual tour of the Preparatory School.


Our Preparatory boys show the world how to be kind. Video created by our Year 2 Classroom Teacher, Christopher Richards and students.