Wellbeing Preparatory

We believe a good education focuses on the development of the whole child. Our Preparatory School leadership, teachers, Student Success Team, Counsellor, Chaplain and school nurses work together to foster each child’s social, emotional, physical, spiritual and academic wellbeing.  We aim to provide an environment where boys feel safe, supported and are able to flourish, so they can engage in learning.

Nurturing the Individual Needs of Each Boy

Central to our approach to pastoral care is the development of positive relationships where boys feel cared for, respected and valued.  All staff, and especially class teachers, closely monitor the boys to ensure they are thriving.  Any early worries are quickly spotted and addressed.

Our School Counsellor and Chaplain work with individuals and small groups of boys to help them process their problems, and to develop their social and emotional skills.

We believe in working in partnership with parents. When parents and teachers work with and support each other, we achieve better outcomes for our boys.  Parents are critically important in supporting wellbeing through sharing information as well as building understanding and support around their son. Our parenting masterclasses enhance the partnership between the home and school. General support to parents on raising happy, well and resilient young people can be found via our school.tv page.

We have a positive and welcoming school culture, where boys are supported to develop a strong sense of identity and belonging.  In offering the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), we develop in our boys a sense of agency where students have ownership over their learning and the action that comes from that learning.  We facilitate opportunities with their learning that enables more active participation of our boys.

We aim to differentiate our teaching and learning programme to meet the needs of all boys and also provide learning support staff in each classroom, particularly to support boys with special learning needs. We also provide extension opportunities for our more able boys.

We seek first to develop boys of good character and our wellbeing curriculum occurs at the whole class, small group and individual levels.  The aim is to develop a boy’s social skills, emotional skills, responsible decision-making abilities and resilience. Programmes such as Friendly Schools, Keeping Safe and other small group social skills and cyber safety programmes are drawn upon.

Every boy is involved in a buddy programme where older classes are paired with younger classes.  Lessons around wellbeing and character occur each week and help to create a friendly, caring and respectful school.

We emphasise positive behaviour and good manners, so boys learn to be respectful of others as well as transfer these skills to life outside the school.  We have clear behaviour expectations, processes for reinforcing appropriate behaviour and consequences for misbehaviour.  We also use restorative practices that seek to repair relationships that have been damaged.

Our Health Centre is also available to support the physical needs of our boys.

Extensive opportunities for co-curricular activities and clubs are offered to enhance the social skills, intellectual skills, moral values and character development in our students.

Parent Resources

Prince Alfred College SchoolTV is a new resource designed to inform and support parents about major student issues, with contributions from Australia’s leading experts. PAC SchoolTV is your resource to learn about student wellbeing issues including: depression, anxiety, cyberbullying, drugs, alcohol and more.

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