Senior School

Making Princes Men
The Senior School shapes the character of adolescent boys.

Our Senior School graduates are prepared for life, university and a career. We are a proudly an Australian learning community with an international perspective shared among a diverse range of nationalities, faiths and cultures that are our students.

As a leading independent school in Australia our holistic approach delivers a complete education.  In Years 10, 11 and 12 our students are firmly focused upon academic achievement that is essential in the competitive and globalised world in which they will live and work.  But a ‘Princes education’ also emphasises: character, social, artistic, physical, leadership and emotional development.

The Senior School focuses upon realising the potential in every student. We aim to produce the Princes Man – a person who has discovered his talents and understands the value of using them to help others.  A sense of community responsibility has been nurtured throughout his time at Prince Alfred College in tandem with an understanding of his country, himself and our place in the world.

  • We build the confidence in every boy to strive for personal excellence
  • We challenge their minds with a progressive curriculum taught by passionate teachers
  • We celebrate their success whether for distinguished academic achievement, co-curricular excellence or generous community service

When they begin their journey in the Senior School they are still boys. When they graduate they are measured by and reflect the character, competence and confidence of a ‘Princes Man’.

Year 12 Results 2018

Please click here for the Prince Alfred College 2018 Year 12 Results brochure.