Preparing our students for life, learning and careers beyond the College is an important goal. Guidance, support and resources to make the transition to life after school are essential. Prince Alfred College has a dedicated Careers Counsellor who working with the Year Coordinators, ensures every boy has the opportunity to make successful decisions in preparation for their further study and their professional life beyond school.

A career interest and learning style awareness program is part of the Year 10 syllabus while our Year 11 students take part in a comprehensive Career Development Workshop. Every Year 12 student has multiple opportunities to fully understand the information upon which they can make informed choices about their futures. There are also growing opportunities for Middle School students to engage in learning activities designed to help them reach their unique career potential.

Prince Alfred College conducts its own annual Career Expo on campus for students and their families. In this way, Universities and key industry bodies from around Australia bring their expertise to our students rather than students having to always seek information off campus. This Expo is possible because Princes’ graduates are known as exceptional University and employment prospects.

Key Resources

Skills for All

Provides a one-stop-shop for vocational education and training in South Australia under the Skills for All initiative. Includes industry and jobs related descriptions, Adult Community Education, career counselors and more.

myfuture Provides extensive information to help with career planning including job profiles and related vocational training and higher education, industry information and career planning tools.
My Skills Offers a nation-wide search of vocational training and organisations, as well as detailed statistics (such as national employment outcomes for people who did various training in previous years).
Job Guide The Job Guide provides an in-depth look at a range of occupations and related training and education. It also gives useful information about how to find suitable occupations, based on interests and abilities.
South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC)
Provides information on courses and how to apply to the universities and institutes of TAFE in South Australia. Also provides information on the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).
Job Outlook
Provides careers and industry information to help decide future career direction. Encompasses around 350 individual occupations.
Office of the Training Advocate
Offers a free advocacy and information service to current and prospective students, trainees and apprentices. Call the Office of the Training Advocate for issues ranging from study arrangements, course quality and fee disputes, through to issues with Training Contracts and problems faced by international students.