9At the heart of the College’s educational philosophy is a commitment to high academic standards and the promotion of student learning.  The intellectual, cultural, social and emotional needs of the students drive the educational agenda.  All students have an opportunity to learn and make progress.

The College’s curriculum at all levels equips its students to think, and we believe in providing a curriculum that is organised by learning rather than by assessment.  The curriculum is flexible enough to allow each student to plot an individual academic path through the College, and all students are given the opportunity to excel.  We place great emphasis on core subject knowledge and expertise as well as individual teacher pedagogy – the ‘craft of the classroom’.  It is important that teaching is effective for all students.  We aim for students to become independent learners, capable of thinking for themselves and who are prepared for higher education and beyond. Senior School graduates attend the high-ranking universities in Adelaide, within Australia and beyond. We encourage all boys to approach higher education with an open mind, to research widely and to explore all available options before committing to a decision.

Throughout the curriculum we wish to promote excellence and achievement through delivery of subject matter that is appropriate in its level of challenge for the ages and aptitudes of all students.  We aim for efficiency in preparing students for public examinations; success in public examinations is deemed important as a worthy aim, as a platform for future success at university and beyond.  We understand that education is about far more than examinations however, and strive to ensure that students have ample opportunities to explore areas of intellectual interest.

Our academic programmes in Years 7 to 10 are developed to be compliant with the Australian Curriculum, though we aim to educate boys beyond these minimum expectations. All boys follow a similar curriculum in Years 7 to 9, with a limited amount of elective choice in the field of Performing Arts. In Year 10, the curriculum splits into Core Subjects and Elective Subjects.

The core subjects are English and Humanities (an element of choice exists in these core subjects), Mathematics, Science and the Personal Learning Plan (PLP), which is the precursor to our own ‘Princes Project’ later in the same academic year.

Details of elective subjects, which all run for a full academic year, can be found in the relevant section, but we aim to ensure students follow an academic path that marries both breadth and expertise as appropriate. Decisions that are made in Year 10 do not fix a student’s path for the remainder of his education at Princes, but it is important to note that some pathways are more tried and tested, and consequently more likely to lead to success.

English and Mathematics remain compulsory for all Year 11 students, and aside from this, subject choices for our Senior School students offer full freedom of choice.  In the final two years of Senior School (Years 11 and 12), we offer two programs which lead to university entrance in Australia or internationally.

The first is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).  This internationally recognised qualification is the most effective senior school preparation for University success.  Prince Alfred College has offered the IBDP for 20 years with outstanding results.

The Senior School also offers the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) which provides another pathway to University study or can be combined with vocationally oriented subjects leading to TAFE and/or workplace recognition.

Though we offer boys a full choice of subjects, we do employ a follow-up subject re-counselling process for the Senior School when we believe that boys have made choices are not best placed to satisfy ambitions and talents.

The College seeks to ensure that student progress and achievement is not held back by issues regarding Special Education Needs (SEN).

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