Homework provides students with an opportunity to engage in activities that will reinforce and consolidate their learning.

It establishes appropriate attitudes, habits, expectations and a commitment to learning that will ensure continuity of learning between the Preparatory, Middle and Senior School.

It provides a link between the home and school by assisting parents to understand the scope and standard of work required within each level.

It assists teachers to check student understanding and application of knowledge and skills introduced at school.

Homework also encourages the development in each student of responsibility, independence, selfdiscipline, organisation and planning skills.

Homework will be most successful if:

  • Student work is marked and returned to students as soon as possible
  • There are clearly communicated instructions which identify the purpose and required product
  • It is motivating, varied and purposeful
  • It is consistently set to assist students to plan their time and commitments
  • Student’s individual differences and abilities are taken into account when setting assignments
  • Boys are encouraged to put quality into their homework, not just quantity.

Homework Guidelines for Parents
These guidelines are to assist parents in the monitoring and/or supervision of their boy’s homework. Parents can encourage and support their sons by:

  • Taking an interest in their learning and other activities at school
  • Supporting and communicating with teachers by using and signing the report book once per week. (It is important to communicate aspects of the boy’s work parents have valued, or any difficulties experienced.)
  • Encouraging their sons to take responsibility for completing homework and reminding them it is a contract between themselves and their teachers
  • Providing a quiet place/time for the completion of homework
  • Encouraging their sons to read at home, reading to them and providing a model by reading themselves. Maintaining a routine which encourages regular practice by boys undertaking instrumental studies
  • Assisting in the provision of resources both within the home and those available in the community, e.g. encyclopaedias, dictionaries, the internet and local library
  • Understanding that there will be frustrations and provide time to talk these through with their sons
  • Celebrating and sharing their son’s efforts and achievements
  • Helping their sons to plan their homework and to manage their time effectively as part of a balanced evening routine which ends positively
  • Homework should not take the whole evening—see time guidelines below.

Time Guidelines
Homework is set regularly. The nominal time allowance each night is:

Weekdays Weekends
Year 10
1½ hrs 2 – 3 hrs
Year 11
2 hrs 4 – 6 hrs
Year 12
3 hrs 5 – 7 hrs

If several subjects are set on one night then the time allocated to each can be averaged as a guide.