We encourage all members of the College community to recognise and embrace the rights of others to learn, to practice and promote independence, self-discipline and care for others.

The Senior School prides itself with its wellbeing program which builds resilience.  We practice a safe and positive learning environment, tolerant and sensitive to the needs of others.  We emphasise to our students the courage to help and lead others and act as role models to younger students.

Senior students enjoy higher levels of individual choice.  However, this is in parallel with greater expectations of personal responsibility for their social and interpersonal conduct.

Staff and students align themselves with the College’s shared vision and demonstrate the values of compassion, integrity and excellence.

Staff and students are encouraged to:

  • Search for opportunities, experiment and be risk takers with respect for themselves and others
  • envision their future
  • foster collaboration and build spirited teams
  • create and attain standards of excellence
  • celebrate and recognise individual and collective contributions and accomplishments in the process developing a community of learning and inquiry.

Students are led in Year Level cohorts by specialist Coordinators and Pastoral Care Teachers.  Year Coordinators are supported by an Educational Psychologist, Learning Support Specialists, the Chaplain, Counselors Careers Guidance, Curriculum Leaders, SACE and IB Programme Coordinators, the Deputy Head of Schools and the Deputy Head of Senior School.