Student Life

The Student Life program is a vital part of a truly holistic education.

It seeks to provide every student with opportunities to develop as confident well rounded young men of Christian principle, capable and dedicated to making a difference to their world, eager to become the best they can be.

As a leader in private school education, our programs seek to enhance student well-being, uphold the Christian Schools Australia values, encourage interaction, embrace challenge, inspire leadership and promote learning excellence.

These  programs include a wide range of activities that are outside of the academic timetable such as Boarding, Sport, Outdoor Education, Music and Artistic Performance, Drama, Visual Arts, Student Welfare, House Activities, Student Leadership and Community Service.

Our extensive choice gives every boy a chance to shine, develop confidence and to challenge the mind, body and spirit.

As well as the thrill of individual achievement it helps to develop a love of cooperation and teamwork.

Student Life at Princes encourages every boy to be the best they can be.