ICT at the College

Student Computers in the Middle and Senior School

The College operates a 1:1 laptop program for students in the Middle and Senior School.

The recommended devices for students at the College, from 2018 onwards is one of the following options:

  • MacBook Pro 13”
  • MacBook Air 13”

College’s Laptop Procurement Portal

These devices can be purchased online at the College’s Laptop Procurement Portal using the following details:

The portal is operated on behalf of the College to assist parents and students in purchasing student computers. Purchases placed during the following periods will be available for collection at the school on the following dates:

  • Period 1: October 8 – October 26

Orders placed during this period to be available for collection from the school from December 11

  • Period 2: November 5 – November 30

Orders placed during this period to be available for collection from the school from January 17

Purchase Direct from Apple

An alternative to purchasing through the College’s Laptop Procurement Portal would be to purchase direct from Apple. Most models of device are available for same day pick up and include educational discount.

Any device purchased via the portal or direct from the Apple Store will be supported by ICT Services. This includes:

  • Technical support provided by ICT Services,
  • Management of warranty service requests through an Apple Authorised Service Provider,
  • Loan laptops for students while devices are being repaired.

Non Recommended Device

Students may elect to bring their own device in lieu of purchasing a device through the College portal however these devices must meet the following minimum specification:

  • macOS 10.13 or greater
  • 13” screen
  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD storage

Devices other than those meeting the College’s specifications may not function correctly with the College Wi-Fi network and will not be acceptable for use in class.

Provision and installation of Software

ICT Services will provide and install all the required software onto student devices.

This software will be installed on student computers when they commence at the College or alternatively can be installed through a visit to the ICT Help Desk.

OneDrive for Business

The College employs Microsoft Office 365 for students and staff.

This provides students with access to a pac.edu.au based email address as well as access to OneDrive for Business for cloud file storage.

The College recommends the use of OneDrive for Business for the storage of all school based work. The OneDrive for Business application synchronises a copy of all files between computers where the Office 365 login is used and also synchronises the files to the College’s Office365 environment.

The College’s Office 365 environment also includes an online ‘Recycle Bin” which means any files accidentally deleted, can be retrieved for up to 7 days through the OneDrive section on https://portal.office.com (Login using the College provided email address and password).

Warranty Information

MacBooks are sold by default with one year’s warranty. An optional purchase of AppleCare will extend the default warranty to 3 years.

AppleCare Protection Plan

If you purchased AppleCare before January 2018 your device will include the AppleCare Protection Plan.

The AppleCare Protection Plan provides up to three years of additional service and support for your Mac. This protection plan does not include accidental damage and only covers hardware failures due to component failure.


If you purchased AppleCare after January 2018 your device will include AppleCare+.

This provides up to three years of additional hardware coverage from Apple, including up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a service fee of A$149 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or A$429 for other damage.

The College recommends AppleCare+ for Mac.

Email Access for Past Students

Following the completion of Year 12, past students are provided with access to their College provided email accounts for 12 months.

Email can be accessed through https://outlook.office365.com.

Please contact ICT services with any account issues.

Contacting ICT Services

Should you have any queries, please contact the ICT Services Team through:
Phone: (08) 8334 1273
Email: ictservices@pac.edu.au

Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines

Policy reviewed 2016; due for review and re-approval by November 2017

2017 PAC Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy v1.0

2017 ICT_Student_Acceptable Use agreement