Indigenous Cultural Programs, Opportunities and Events.

Prince Alfred College is committed to key actions towards reconciliation in the classroom, Early Learning Centre, around the school and with our community. We work with Elders and families to identify cultural learning opportunities. Elders share about history and culture and guide Leadership and Students with key College events.  We provide cultural learning opportunities that promote a positive and strong sense of identity, belonging, and self-belief for Indigenous students.

    • Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program University of Sydney
    • National Indigenous Youth Parliament
    • Events with Reconciliation SA/NT
    • University scholarships

The Headmaster Bradley Fenner and students Ahazli and Dylan accompany Kaurna Elders, Uncle Lewis O’Brien and Uncle Ivan Copley.

Musician Archie Roach, at a National Sorry Day Breakfast which students attended.