Why students and parents choose Prince Alfred College.

Samson from Barunga, NT (Jawoyn Nation)

I always wanted to explore new places and get to know new people, mostly to get a better education. For the last few years before coming here, school didn’t bring out the best in me.  So I asked my mum if I could go to boarding school.  I looked at a couple of schools, and PAC offered me the sports and education that I was looking for. What I like about Prince Alfred College?  It’s a pretty big school, I get to stay near the city so I can visit it; there are friendly staff and students.  For my future, I am hoping to work with technology, fixing things, working with my hands.  When I was a kid when someone broke things I just fixed everything.

Samson enjoys meeting one of his footy idols, who is now an accomplished artist, Gavin Wanganeen.

Jason from Ceduna,SA (Kokatha Nation)

I wanted to be in an environment where I could relate to others and I knew Prince Alfred College had a reputation that reflected that. Prince Alfred College has an atmosphere which enables us to flourish in our academics and co-curricular activities. Another aspect that I enjoy about PAC is the togetherness of the community and I specifically appreciate how students are able to develop a close relationships with other students and staff.  Once I finish my education I’m looking forward to going to university and studying some courses that are offered. I’m not quite sure what specific course/s I would like to do in university, which is why I have kept my options open.  I have chosen subjects from a wide range of categories. In the future year I would like to explore my interests, narrow down those subjects and set goals for my future.

Yaitya Tita The Aboriginal Youth Connect Program at Prince Alfred College!

The Prince Alfred College Aboriginal Student Team are helping develop an exciting initiative where other Indigenous students will be joining us from neighbouring schools for a special program.  Facilitated by an Indigenous Mentor and Special Education Consultant, students participate in fun get-togethers and can access further support in leadership development.  Students will be inspired by meeting and learning from Elders and key leaders within the Indigenous communities.  They can make new friends, learn more about Indigenous culture and history as well as plan for their futures beyond high school.