International Students

We welcome cultural diversity and encourage interaction. Our international students provide a valued perspective of the world that allows all students to become truly global citizens.

We currently host students from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and welcome exchange students from across the globe.

A wide range of support and pastoral care is available for International students. The International Students Transition Program (ISTP) ensures international students are well prepared in all aspects of language and school life before entering mainstream classes.

All students are welcomed by our Coordinator of International Students and partake in a number of social activities and co-curricular programs that enable them to integrate quickly into the College and wider community.

Student transition is further enabled by the ESL program which provides students with intensive English and cultural support whilst they participate in mainstream classes.

Our international students are supported by Asian and English language staff, mentors, tutors and student counselors.

Outstanding boarding facilities are available as well as a school assisted homestay program. Boarding students are supported by our Boarding Residential Assistant for International Students and homestay students are supported by the homestay coordinator.

Join us at Princes for an exceptional education in a magnificent city.

Our PAC International Student Handbook (PDF) gives you all the information you need to know about being an International Student at PAC.