Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Princes provides a wonderful variety of experiences and cultural learning opportunities for boys.

The program incorporates Drama, Media, Music Theatre, Ensemble Performance (both class based and co-curricular), Solo Performance and Music Technology. Ensembles include orchestras, bands, guitar bands, rock bands, class bands, instrumental quartets, traditional Chinese instrument ensembles and several drumlines.

All students are encouraged from a young age to learn a musical instrument or singing, taught by a professional team of instrumental and vocal teachers and tutors. Boys are also encouraged to join one of the numerous choirs and ensembles at the school, linking in with their academic studies to ensure each boy can achieve exceptional results in their learning.

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A special emphasis is placed on academic music at Princes. We have found that boys find it easier to be motivated when learning a new instrument or voice as part of their classroom music academic study. Many of our high achieving students use music as part of their entrance strategy for gaining a higher Tertiary Entrance Ranking.

Starting in Year 2, boys have the option of playing in an orchestra as part of our string immersion program. This is a highly successful pathway which enables the boys to engage in lifelong learning of an instrument. Students are also encouraged to take up piano as their second instrument as the foundation learning platform for later study. From Year 4 students not learning an instrument may take up a wind instrument and join the band program. Choirs are also a foundation of good musicianship and any boy in the college may join the Princes Choir.

The highlight of the music calendar is undoubtedly the School Musical. Boys combine with several Girl’s colleges to produce exceptional shows involving students from both the Secondary and Preparatory Schools. This also includes a full-size student orchestra and technical crew. Each year, tours are organised in Music and Drama to festivals and events including Generations in Jazz in Mt Gambier.

The Drama faculty has a marvellous program of student performances for boys to participate in. These include Theatresports, dramatic plays and the College musical. The opportunities for boys to express themselves in performance through drama is significant and along with the drumline, these areas in the Performing Arts have seen the largest increase in interest in recent years.

Our Media and Film faculty has also grown in recent years through the building of a new television studio and editing/viewing suite for Media and IB Film. The facility is also a hub for Bleed Red productions. This is a media production club that produces high-level media clips and vison for events and student enrichment. Boys from all year levels are involved, including them taking footage to editing and postproduction.

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Participation in The Performing Arts has indeed become one of the finest traditions at Princes, allowing the boys to be creative, master new and challenging skills, enhance their personal confidence through public performance and build wonderful relationships nationally with professional performers and students alike.