The academic Music curriculum at PAC provides each boy with opportunities and experiences second to none. Our Music Department is renowned on a national scale, with many alumni graduating from the crème de la crème of tertiary performance institutions such as the Sydney Conservatorium. Both the mandatory and elective courses in Music connect the classroom to real experiences, enhancing the learning and engagement within the sphere of music for each boy. Our music classrooms provide a unique platform for each student to explore, analyse, compose, and perform music.

Music – Curricular

PAC offers a diverse and engaging Music curriculum that works in tandem with a comprehensive co-curricular Music Program to produce highly skilled, knowledgeable and committed student musicians. Whether they follow in the footsteps of the many PAC graduates who have moved onto tertiary music studies and professional careers in the industry, or use the skills learnt in Music to succeed in other pathways, students who study Music develop an invaluable skill set that will benefit them for the rest of their life.

All Preparatory School students study Music, with a focus on learning the elements of music, singing and playing beginner instruments. The Year 2 String Immersion and Year 4 Band Programme provide fantastic opportunities for students to begin learning an instrument from expert tutors, while also developing great teamwork and listening skills. In the Secondary School, Music can be studied as a two-term elective course in Year 7 through to Year 9, and a full year course in Year 10. These courses are split into Advanced and Experienced, to ensure that Music remains accessible and challenging to boys of all experience levels, and boys who enter the College in later years. At Year 11, students may enter the 2-year IB Music course, or the 1-year SACE Stage 1 course, studying Music Advanced or Music Experience. SACE students can then continue with one or more of the Stage 2 courses; Music Studies, Music Explorations and Music Performance, which allow them to focus their studies on particular areas of music.

The topics of study in Music (curricular) include:

  • Music Theory, Aural and Analysis: Learning how to read, write, hear and analyse music (Years 7-12)
  • Music in Context: Rock History (Year 7), Popular Music (focus on Australian Music) from 1960s to Today (Year 8), Film Music (Year 9), Jazz History (Year 10), Classical History (Year 10), World Music (Years 10-12)
  • Music Technology: Using Loops and Composing in GarageBand (Years 7-8), Composing and Recording with Logic Pro (Years 10-12), Arranging and Composition with Sibelius (Years 9-12), Sound Concepts and PA Setup (Year 9-12)
  • Performance: Instrument Skills and Knowledge (Years 7-8), Class Band (Years 7-10), Ensemble Performance (Years 11-12), Solo Performance (Years 8-12)

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