Wellbeing Support

Every student is valued as unique with individual gifts, areas for development and learning styles. We recognise the importance of development across all aspects of personal growth including academic, emotional, social, cultural, spiritual and physical development.

Amongst the many specialist staff that attend to these needs is our Special Education Needs Co-ordinator. The Special Education Needs Co-ordinator monitors the progress of all students across the College and uses a comprehensive series of best practice assessments to develop individual student success programs. In some cases this may mean the development of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), one on one coaching sessions or small group facilitation.

The Special Education Needs Co-ordinator also plays a critical role in providing confidential counseling services to all students and actively liaises with staff and parents to support student well-being in both individual and general terms.

The Special Education Needs Co-ordinator works particularly closely with staff across the College, offering expert advice on differentiation strategies and providing valuable input to the work of our highly successful Student Assistance and Success Teams that operate in direct response to student’s learning and emotional needs.