Thanking Scholarship Donors

Author: David Cornish, Executive Officer, Prince Alfred College Foundation.

For a decade the College’s Foundation has operated the PAC Foundation Scholarship Fund.  This fund is the vehicle for philanthropic donations, and which are used exclusively to provide scholarships to boys who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to attend the College.  These scholarships are in addition to those offered by the College.

Annually all donors to the Scholarship Fund are invited to a morning tea at the College, where they enjoy the opportunity to meet with recipients, the Headmaster, and President of the PAC Foundation.  It is a pleasure to see the students and donors interact, and they often have common links which ensures the conversation flows freely.

Formalities are brief.  Firstly, the Headmaster provides an overview of the College’s scholarship program.  He is followed by a recipient who gives a personal insight into the meaning of receiving a scholarship, what they are achieving at the College, and their aspirations for the future.  The Foundation President concludes the event with his perspective on being involved in the delivery of the Fund’s scholarship program.

Philanthropy at Prince Alfred College for Scholarships has grown exponentially over the last decade. This growth, combined with seeing students prosper and the enjoyment donors receive from seeing their gifts at work, has been the highlight of my professional career in philanthropy at Prince Alfred College.

My personal giving, and in time my bequest, will go to the PAC Foundation Scholarship Fund.  I invite you to join me in helping to provide a life changing opportunity for a young man.

David Cornish
Executive Officer
PAC Foundation, Prince Alfred College.

Wilderness School and Prince Alfred College Join Forces.

Extracts in this article are provided by 2017 PAC College Captain, Nick Demianyk.

The Student Representative Council from Wilderness School and Prince Alfred College Prefects have combined to form a partnership to deal with issues that are most prevalent in today’s society.

“Respectful Relationships”, is an initiative which addresses issues most prevalent in today’s society, prescribed gender roles, the pay gap, sexual harassment, and domestic violence.

A reflection held at Prince Alfred College on Wednesday 27 September 2017, by PAC Prefects and Wilderness School SRC, was led by PAC College Captain, Nick Demianyk, who detailed the initiative taken up by student leaders at both schools who were keen to partner up and tackle some of the issues concerning young people, stating “These issues primarily revolved around identity, gender, discrimination and prejudices, but our main goal was to try to reduce the severity of any inequalities.”

Nick went on to say, “After some initial research, and having our eyes opened outside our sheltered bubble, many boys that I was working with, including myself, realised that perhaps we weren’t as spotless as we thought, and quite often we would unknowingly be perpetuating some of the things we were aiming to abolish. This then brought about an epiphany that many of the boys and girls at school may be clueless as to how rude or disrespectful they are being, and many students at school may be unaware that the way they are being treated is unacceptable.”

In his speech, Nick went on to say, “From here we thought that one of the most powerful things that we could do was simply educate people on how actions are perceived and what we believe is and is not okay. It was Martin Luther King who claimed, “there is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance.” “I do not aim to imply that all men are constantly sexually harassing people, nor do I wish to imply that sexual harassment is a one-way street. But, I feel that often the actions and choices made by some young men and women are unflattering, merely because we are ignorant of their potentially, negative ramifications.”

“With that in mind, a team of four boys and four girls from Princes and Wildy, went about making a video that we thought would open up young people to sexual harassment, generating conversation about all its forms. We were hoping that at the very least, this would reduce the frequency of sexual harassment incidences in and around our schools, to make us all feel safer, and better about ourselves.” Nick Demianyk, PAC College Captain.

We wish to thank PAC College Captain Nick Demianyk for providing content from his speech at the presentation, the young ladies of the Student Representative Council from Wilderness School and the Prince Alfred College Prefects, for sharing this inspiring, educational initiative.