House System

Building collaboration and community

Our house system encourages student camaraderie and a genuine sense of belonging. Through friendly competition, our boys work together as a connected cohort and forge lifelong friendships.

Each boy belongs to one of four houses, named after our founding fathers:

  • Taylor
  • Watsford
  • Waterhouse
  • Cotton

Our boys contribute their unique talents to represent their house in a range of activities across academics, sport, service and co-curricular. While the competition is strong, it encourages our boys to try their best as part of their overall team endeavour.

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The house system gives our boys responsibility and creates a community to which each boy knows they belong.

When we award the Wesley Cup to the winning house, boys from all houses join together to celebrate their achievements, demonstrating the good sportsmanship and character we nurture as part of the all-round education of our Princes Men.