Indigenous Education

Recognising, respecting and celebrating Indigenous culture

Acknowledgement of Country

‘Miyurna, yarta, ngadlu tampinthi’

We recognise the people and their land. (Kaurna Yerta)

We acknowledge the Kaurna Peoples are the traditional custodians of the land that encompasses the Adelaide Plains, including Prince Alfred College. We pay respect to the Elders past, present and emerging of the Kaurna nation and recognise that their cultural and heritage beliefs are important to them and us today.

A welcoming place of learning for Indigenous students

We welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as valued, respected and important members of the PAC community. Our connection to Kaurna culture and history is an essential part of the learning journey for all students at Prince Alfred College.


Reconciliation Action Plan

Prince Alfred College has joined schools across Australia in developing a national Narragunnawali Schools and Early Learning Reconciliation Action Plan that supports and fosters a higher level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

Indigenous cultural programs

We work with Elders and Indigenous families to create cultural learning opportunities where we can share Indigenous history and culture with students from ELC to Year 12.

Our Indigenous students are supported to share their culture and embrace their strong sense of identity through opportunities such as:

  • The Yaitya Tita Aboriginal Youth Program hosted by and at the College 
  • Events and programs with Reconciliation SA
  • Leadership development with the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) Smith Family
  • The South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy
  • The Wirltu Yarlu Program (University of Adelaide)
  • Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program at the University of Sydney
  • National Indigenous Youth Parliament held in Canberra
  • Access to university and government scholarships

Yaitya Tita: Aboriginal Youth Connect

Our Yaitya Tita program connects our Indigenous students with Indigenous students from neighbouring Adelaide schools. They come together to make new friends, share stories and learn more about Indigenous culture and history. Led by the Aboriginal Student Coordinator at Prince Alfred College and the Aboriginal students attending the School, the program inspires students with visits and advice from Elders and leaders of various Indigenous communities.

Indigenous student stories

Our students come from all around Australia, and we include proud young Ngarrindjeri, Gunditjmara, Djugun, Kokatha and Jawyon men as respected members of our school community. We are honoured to be part of their journey.

From Barunga, Northern Territory

Samson, Jawoyn Nation

I always wanted to explore new places and get to know new people, mostly to get a better education. For the last few years before coming here, school didn’t bring out the best in me. So, I asked my mum if I could go to boarding school. I looked at a couple of schools, and PAC offered me the sports and education that I was looking for. What I like about Prince Alfred College? It’s a pretty big school. I get to stay near the city so I can visit it; there are friendly staff and students. For my future, I am hoping to work with technology, fixing things, working with my hands. When I was a kid, when someone broke things, I just fixed everything.’

Andrews Samson

Indigenous student support

Indigenous students have access to a range of support and mentorship through our pastoral care program, PAC staff, and Indigenous mentors and Elders. We work with students and families to ensure cultural traditions are respected and included as part of each boy’s all-round education at Prince Alfred College.

Ben Lewis

Indigenous Program Coordinator

Ben Lewis

‘My role is to support our Indigenous students on their educational journey while they are at Princes and to ensure a smooth transition upon school completion, for their career futures. I engage with local Elders, Indigenous mentors, families and teachers to make sure every boy has the support he needs to achieve success and happiness during his time at PAC.’

Iylp logo

Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

We are proud to be a partner school for the Smith Family’s Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP). The IYLP helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students living in remote areas of Australia attend high performing high schools via their secondary education scholarship.