Why a Boys' School?

Quality education tailor-made for boys

For more than 150 years, Prince Alfred College has delivered high-quality education that empowers boys to achieve their best. We care about the wellbeing of boys and celebrate their unique characteristics and strengths.

As one of only five all-boys schools in Adelaide, we take seriously our charge to foster and nurture our boys to become the good men they are meant to be.

We know boys develop differently to girls: socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally. An all-boys school understands the way boys learn and can offer educational programs and experiences tailor-made to enable boys to succeed.


Better learning for boys

We achieve academic excellence by designing and structuring our learning to suit boys. We understand boys grow, develop and mature at their own pace, and that they learn best by doing. Our high-quality education uses strategies and teaching styles specifically designed to achieve better learning outcomes for boys.


Empowering a boy’s full potential

We focus on educating the whole boy, helping him to reach his full potential as a well-rounded young man. Our extensive co-curricular program allows boys to engage their individual intellectual, spiritual and physical needs by exploring a range of academics, arts, music and sport as part of an all-round quality education.


Developing good character

Our bespoke pastoral care program is an essential part of nurturing our boys to become well-rounded Princes Men of character, empathy and integrity. We provide a supportive space where boys can embrace and explore their individual values, learn to make responsible decisions, and build healthy friendships based on mutual and meaningful respect.

International Boys’ Schools Coalition

We are proud to be an active member of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC), a world authority on best practices in all-boys education. Our involvement with IBSC puts us at the forefront of boys’ education as teachers and administrators with a passion for meeting the unique educational needs of boys.