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Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Individualised support, enabling every boy to flourish

Quality pastoral care is a fundamental part of our responsibility to nurture the unique qualities of each boy in our care. At Prince Alfred College, we focus on developing young men of character as part of a well-rounded education.

Our pastoral care philosophy is to teach, and encourage boys to practice, virtues. We strive to balance the development of performance virtues such as confidence and resilience, and moral values, such as honesty and compassion. 

Furthermore, the program seeks to instil in our boys the desire and the skills to help others, not for personal gain but because it is the right thing to do, and to develop a strong sense of social responsibility.

Our dedicated pastoral team led by the Dean of Students and Year Level Coordinators, and supported by Counsellors and the Chaplain, work together to provide a safe and supportive place of belonging for every boy. 

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Developing young men of character and virtue

'Work Hard, Be Kind' guides the actions in the Prep School, while our older students examine the virtues of Courage, Gratitude, Wisdom and Integrity though our embedded pastoral care program. 

Through a thematic approach, students enjoy a breadth of experiences (from our regular reading program, to house competition and community activities), which help them discover and develop their talents and passions, celebrate the achievements of others, and give back to their community.  

Our pastoral care program recognises the potential in every boy. Individualised support encourages each boy to have the strength of character to make good decisions and guides him to become all that he can be.

Through a proactive approach and open culture toward student health and welfare, we provide pastoral care in the classroom, schoolyard, boarding school, sporting teams, co-curricular groups and all aspects of our boys’ schooling.

In the Middle and Senior Schools, each boy has a dedicated tutor who works with him, his parents, and College staff to ensure he receives the academic and wellbeing support he needs.

Parent Resources 

Our SchoolTV Newsletter offers a broad selection of resources to help parents with a range of wellbeing issues.