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Outdoor Education

Building independence, confidence and resilience

The outdoor education journey at Prince Alfred College is an essential part of developing our boys’ social, physical and mental strength and wellbeing. For Princes Men, the journey starts in the Preparatory School and continues throughout their secondary years.

Through a range of overnight experiences, the boys develop character, competence, community-mindedness and leadership skills, and have fun together as they strengthen friendships and explore the outdoors. 

At the same time, they are also challenged to take responsibility for themselves, to learn and grow through community service and environmental action. 

Our outdoor education program

Every step in our outdoor education program adds value and substance to our boys’ all-round education. Through their outdoor education experiences, our boys learn about themselves, face challenges, take risks and discover the importance of teamwork.

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Year 2 | Zoo Snooze

In 2023, we’re introducing a Zoo Snooze for Year 2 students. This single overnight program will help foster independence and personal responsibility. It will provide a fun first step into the outdoor education experiences that are ahead of the boys through their Prep School journey.

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Year 3 | Adelaide Hills Adventure

The Year 3 program is held at Woodhouse Activity Centre in the Adelaide Hills. This three day, two night adventure sees our boys participate in a range of activities focussed on developing teamwork and social skills.

2024 program coming soon.

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Year 4 | Coastal Ecology Program

The Year 4 boys travel down to the Fleurieu Peninsula for the Coastal Ecology program based at the Goolwa Caravan Park. The stunning coastal environment and beach activities represent the major focus of the program where our boys learn about the ocean environment and strengthen relationships with their peers.

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Year 5 | Scotts Creek Experience Weekend

The Year 5 Scotts Creek Experience weekend is the first opportunity for the boys to visit the PAC Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre. This is a shared experience for boys and and a parent or significant adult in their life. The program is designed to reinforce relationships and also offers parents and carers from the Year 5 community the chance to get to know each other. The weekend includes a variety of fun activities including canoeing, bouldering, fishing, games and a quiz night.

Year 5 scotts creek

Year 5 | Cultural Perspectives Program

The Year 5 camp has a focus on Cultural Perspectives. In this program, students will explore ways that the land and river was used by Indigenous people before and after European settlement. Students will take part in an Aboriginal journey, examine traditional hunting artefacts and tools, and listen to dreaming stories around a campfire. Students will be introduced to canoeing, swimming, and water safety in the river environment in conjunction with minimal impact camping.

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Year 6 | Eco-Adventure

The Year 6 eco-adventure program at Scotts Creek has a major focus on aquatic activities. Boys learn the fundamental skills and safety procedures of canoeing and river rescues, and work together in small activity groups to develop a better understanding of basic ecological concepts. The students also take part in an overnight expedition into the Mallee.

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Year 7 | Community Perspective Program

The Year 7 community perspective program at Scotts Creek gives boys an insight into the complexity of living and working together in a small community. This program also allows boys to participate in a project to improve Scotts Creek and surrounding areas. 

Boys continue developing outdoor skills such as canoeing, navigation and camp-craft, with an overnight canoe expedition on the Murray River.

2024 Program coming soon.

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Year 8 | Adventure Program

The final program for students at Scotts Creek is the Year 8 adventure program with a focus on the balance between environmental education, personal development and adventure. Boys take part in a kayaking expedition and climbing on the adventure high ropes course. The boys utilise the skills and safety they learn during the week to help each other achieve personal and group goals.

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Year 9 | Wambana

Year 9 students participate in a 5-week extended stay program known as ‘Wambana’, meaning knowledge and wisdom in the local Narungga language.

The Wambana Experience is designed to equip each boy with the skills and character to better manage the transition to adulthood through immersion in programs covering scientific research, adventure activities, health and wellbeing, leadership, independent living and community service.

Our outdoor education campuses 

We have two dedicated outdoor education campuses: Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre and Wambana at Point Turton.

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Scotts Creek

Located near Morgan on the Murray River, Scotts Creek Outdoor Centre plays host to a range of adventure and aquatic activities. Here, our boys learn about risk-taking and working in teams through a variety of environmental, adventure, camping and personal development challenges.

With each visit to Scotts Creek, our boys develop new skills, move beyond their limits and broaden their experience. When they leave, they do so as more responsible, confident and well-rounded young men.



Wambana is our purpose-built outdoor education campus at Point Turton on the Yorke Peninsula. Located on six acres of coastal land, Wambana is dedicated to helping our boys move into adulthood through a range of community, academic, spiritual and outdoor activities. 

During their stay at Wambana, our boys participate in an innovative education program designed to give them valuable life experience led by action and reflection.