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Thank you for your interest in the Prince Alfred College Scholarship Program. 

Each year Prince Alfred College offers opportunities for students of excellence through the awarding of Academic, General Excellence, Performing Arts, Boarding, Chess and Subject Specific Scholarships.

Details on individual scholarships and the full list of scholarships available can be found below.

General Excellence & Boarding Scholarship Round Two Applications for 2025 are now closed.

Application Review for Interview

    Once submitted, the Scholarship Committee meets to review all Scholarship Applications. If your son is selected to progress through to the next stage of the application process, he will be invited to attend a scholarship interview with two members of the College Executive. The interview, together with the application will be considered when awarding the scholarships.

    General Excellence Scholarships Years 7 - 11

    General Excellence Scholarships are awarded to new students for both day and boarding.

    The College seeks to offer scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding academic results, a commitment to learning, involvement in co-curricular activities, a desire to contribute to the College and a willingness to serve.

    Students applying, in our round one scholarships each year, for Year 7 entry will additionally need to sit the ACER examination as per the Academic Scholarship information.

    Academic Scholarships Years 5 & 7

    2025 Academic Scholarships have now closed. Applications for Academic Scholarships for Year 5 and Year 7 are open to both current and non-current PAC students. These students must apply through the PAC scholarship online application form and then apply and pay for and sit the externally run ACER examination via their website. The exam is usually in February of the year prior to entry at the College. 

    Performing Arts Music Scholarships – Year 7 entry

    Performing Arts Music Scholarships are for new students with Performing Arts/musical talent and promise entering in Year 7.

    Students applying must be prepared to audition in the instrument of choice, or vocally, and sit the ACER examination. The results of the exam will be taken into account; however it is the student’s musicality and commitment to contributing to the Performing Arts program at PAC that will be assessed in the awarding of these scholarships

    Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

    2025 scholarships have now closed. We are proud to be a partner school for the Smith Family’s Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP). The IYLP helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students living in remote areas of Australia attend high performing high schools via their secondary education scholarship. 

    Get in touch

    For further information, or general enquiries about scholarships, please contact our admissions team at or +61 8 8334 1200.