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Developing young men of character and purpose

Established in 1869, Prince Alfred College is a leading day and boarding school for boys located in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Our Purpose: 

We nurture each boy to develop into young men of character and purpose, who contribute positively to society. 

We are committed to providing a well-rounded and inclusive education for boys, with unique programs and approaches that are tailored to their specific needs.

High-quality teaching and academic excellence are central to the unique educational experience at Prince Alfred College. We promote learning through discovery and research because we know boys learn best by doing. Supporting our boys in their academic pursuits is a broad range of co-curricular activities where we encourage each boy to discover their passions and purpose.

Embedding pastoral care into all aspects of school life is vital to our focus on educating and nurturing the whole boy. PAC is a welcoming home for all boys, where each boy is supported to achieve his best as a valued and respected member of our community. 

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An environment where boys flourish

For more than 150 years, Prince Alfred College has delivered a quality, well-rounded education that empowers boys to achieve their best. We care about the wellbeing of boys and celebrate their unique characteristics and strengths. As one of only five all-boys schools in Adelaide, we take seriously our charge to foster and nurture our boys to become the good men they are meant to be.


A commitment to academic excellence

Prince Alfred College offers a unique educational experience, putting high-quality teaching and a commitment to academic excellence at the centre of our all-round education. We inspire a love of learning in our boys through a curriculum that blends traditional academic pursuits with progressive thinking and critical exploration. We have high expectations of all boys and our boys work hard to achieve their personal best, both in the classroom and beyond.

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Individualised support, enabling every boy to thrive

Quality pastoral care is a fundamental part of our responsibility to nurture the unique qualities of each boy in our care. At Prince Alfred College, we focus on developing young men of character and compassion as part of an all-round education.

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Opportunities beyond the classroom

We believe that boys learn as much, if not more, beyond the classroom as they do inside it. Through a wide range of activities, our boys find their place as they master new skills, embrace challenges, build connections and become a part of something bigger than themselves.

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A welcoming community

Prince Alfred College is a thriving community of staff, students, parents, grandies, old collegians and friends of the College, all of whom play an important part in the school's success.

The connections formed at school extend far beyond completion of Year 12. Upon graduating, all boys become members of the Prince Alfred Old Collegians Association (PAOCA), which fosters lifelong connection between 'Old Reds' and with the College, a strong professional network and opportunities for engagement through attendance at reunions and events, and participation in sporting groups. 

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A unique city location

Prince Alfred College benefits from a unique city location, with its main College campus set on 9.8 hectares of spacious grounds on the edge of Adelaide's eastern parklands. 

Two additional campuses, Wambana and Scotts Creek, offer unique outdoor education experiences for boys from Year 4 onwards. 

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Rich history and traditions

Established in 1869, Prince Alfred College is a forward-looking school with a proud history and rich traditions.