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Giving to PAC

A tradition of giving

Prince Alfred College has benefited from a long history of philanthropy right back to its very foundation. We flourish today thanks to the generosity of Old Reds, parents and friends, and will advance further as that tradition grows.

Over 150 years ago when the concept of a Methodist school for boys was proposed, the vision became reality through the philanthropic support of men and women who shared the dream. Gifts large and small enabled the purchase of the land in 1865 and the construction of the Main Building ready for use in early 1869. Thus the tradition of giving to Prince Alfred College was established, and has enabled the provision of buildings and scholarships ever since.

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The power of your gift to change lives

Since our foundation in 1869, many boys have benefited from life-changing educational opportunities though the Prince Alfred College Foundation Scholarship Program. Each year, Prince Alfred College awards 30-40 scholarships, including Academic, Boarding, General Excellence, Indigenous and Performing Arts Scholarships. These awards recognise students with outstanding potential, who serve as an example to others through their conduct and all-round pursuit of excellence.

For many scholarship recipients, the opportunities afforded by a Scholarship to Princes have opened doors in ways they could not have imagined. 

2019 Recipient of the PAOC Lodge Prize

Rojan Joshi (Year 12)

I truly believe that my time at the school has been life-changing as I have discovered so many new opportunities and friendships.

I have improved academically to a level I didn’t know I was capable of, and have been involved in many and varied co-curricular activities.’


The Prince Alfred College Foundation Scholarship Fund

This fund operates endowed scholarships and receives donations from donors who would like to provide the gift of a Princes eduction. 

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The Prince Alfred College Foundation Building Fund

Your gift will help us develop the physical facilities at Prince Alfred College.

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The Prince Alfred College Foundation Library Fund

Your gift will help us provide high-quality library services across the College.

Sport Endownment

Sporting Excellence Endowment Fund

Your gift will support the ongoing development of the College sport of your choice. You can donate to our Sporting Excellence Endowment Fund via the Australian Sports Foundation.

Scholarship fund 2018

Leave a legacy

Since our foundation in 1869, Prince Alfred College has benefitted from the generosity and vision of men and women who have remembered us in their wills. Leaving a legacy to Prince Alfred College is an opportunity to change lives by providing access to a Princes education for future generations of boys.

We deeply appreciate the generosity of community members who have remembered us through their estates. Bequests can be a cash amount, residual percentage of an estate, property, works of art or other gifts. Should you wish to discuss your legacy in more detail, please contact David Cornish, Executive Officer, Prince Alfred College Foundation, on 08 8334 1255 or by email.

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TG Waterhouse Society

The TG Waterhouse Society honours members of our community who have chosen to support the College with a legacy gift.

If you have already made a provision for Prince Alfred College in your will, please let us know so that we are able to thank you appropriately, and invite you to be a part of the TG Waterhouse Society. 


How we recognise your gift

Philanthropic gifts play a significant role at Prince Alfred College and are grateful to our donors for their support.

We hold special events each year to acknowledge the contribution our donors make to our College community and, especially, to the success of our boys. 

Giving from the USA

Resident of the United States of America are able to make tax deductible donations to Prince Alfred College through the Australian Independent Schools USA Fund.

Get in touch

For more information, please contact David Cornish, Executive Officer, Prince Alfred College Foundation, on 08 8334 1255 or by email.