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Performing Arts

Express yourself in the arts

Delivering rich and diverse performing arts opportunities is an essential part of our commitment to educating the whole boy. Whether on stage or back of house, when boys participate in the performing arts, they build confidence, character and compassion - attributes which stay with them for life.

There are many ways our boys can participate in our diverse performing arts offering. In the Preparatory School, our boys engage in taster sessions across singing, dancing, filmmaking and Theatresports, where they learn new skills and build their performing confidence.

As boys move into the Middle and Senior Schools, they can continue their interests in the performing arts through a variety of co-curricular opportunities. Under the direction of experienced and passionate educators, our boys learn technical mastery and performance excellence in their chosen performing art.


Our extensive music program allows our boys to develop skills in a wide variety of musical settings. Whether they are new to music or musical prodigies, we offer a range of ensembles and tuition programs for our boys, including regular rehearsals and performances.

Our music program includes:

  • Big bands
  • Concert bands
  • Drum corp
  • Guitar
  • Jazz bands
  • Mowtown bands
  • Piano
  • Rock bands
  • Saxophone
  • String ensembles
  • Vocal ensembles

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Co-Curricular Drama is a dynamic and rewarding program for our boys, where they learn performance and off-stage skills working collaboratively towards a shared goal. 

Our boys can explore their dramatic talents by participating in Tech Crew. In this program they are mentored by industry professionals in skills such as lighting, sound, AV and film. They can put these skills into practice in assemblies, Performing Arts events, productions and school functions. 

Every year, boys also have the opportunity be part of a play or musical production. This is open to all boys from Year 7 to 12. Working with local sister schools, they can take on roles as actors, musicians, and tech crew to produce a memorable show for the school and wider community.

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Film & Media

Through our film and media program ('Bleed Red'), boys work as a team to develop a range of quality audio-visual productions. The program teaches our boys a variety of technical skills using professional-level AV equipment and software. They also learn essential narrative and storytelling skills as they put together a variety of short films. 

Performing arts in the curriculum

At Prince Alfred College, performing arts is not only offered as a co-curricular opportunity but is deeply embedded in the academic curriculum. From taster sessions in the Preparatory School to those who choose to pursue performing arts subjects in their senior years, it is always an option for our boys. We foster a love for performance, production and artistic pursuits as part of our all-round education because we know the arts develop important skills and attributes that will stay with our boys for life.

World-class facilities

Supporting our performing arts program are our world-class rehearsal and performance spaces, including:

  • ANZAC Hall
  • Piper Pavilion
  • Eric Freak Memorial Chapel
  • Prince Philip Theatre
  • Music studios
  • Strings studio
  • Langley rehearsal space