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Preparatory School

Inspiring a love of learning

The Prince Alfred College Prep School provides a caring and supportive environment for boys in Reception to Year 6, where the unique qualities of each boy are nurtured to build a strong educational foundation.

With a focus on academic excellence, co-curricular enhancement and deeply embedded pastoral care, we are guided by our mantra of ‘Work Hard, Be Kind’ to give our boys the best start to their learning journey. 

Academic Excellence

In Reception to Year 6, we focus on developing essential foundational skills in reading, writing, spelling and maths. Our approach gives boys the best start to their learning and a solid base upon which to build.

Our prep boys enjoy a fun, engaging and internationally-minded learning program which allows them to learn the way they like best; by asking questions, investigating and sharing what they have learned. As part of their all-round education, we encourage our boys to use their creativity, curiosity and imagination to develop lifelong communication, research, self-management, social, and thinking skills.

Specialist programs

Specialist programs enrich our curriculum and give opportunities for our boys’ to broaden their knowledge, skills, interests and confidence. As well as the core subjects of English and maths, our prep boys explore a range of specialist subjects including art, Chinese, music, PE, robotics, science, and technology.

Vibrant learning spaces

Our purpose-built classrooms and learning spaces support our all-round education and inquiry-based curriculum. Specialist facilities include purpose-built robotics and science laboratories, as well as a spacious library.

Vibrant outdoor areas give our boys space and opportunity to further develop their character, interests and knowledge by working collaboratively, taking risks, exploring nature and enhancing their language skills through imaginative play. 

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Academic support and extension

Our teaching and learning programs address the individual needs of each boy, ensuring they build a strong foundation of academic skills. Through formal assessments, we monitor how each child is performing and target our teaching and support accordingly.

In the Prep School, our boys have a co-educators in the class to provide extra support in maths and English lessons. Where more help is needed, our team of teachers work with our students to make sure every boy has what they need to learn.

We encourage academic extension for all boys and offer a differentiated curriculum that meets individual needs and keeps all students engaged with their ongoing learning.



Co-curricular activities are an essential part of our focus on delivering high-quality, all-round education for boys. In the Prep School, our boys are encouraged to explore a wide range of opportunities to help them discover and develop their unique interests and abilities.

From sports ‘taster’ sessions in the early years to seasonal sporting teams for our older prep boys, all boys have the opportunity to discover and develop their sporting skills. Our boys build confidence and explore their musical and artistic interests with a range of performing arts offerings, and can further develop critical thinking and oratory skills through activities such as chess, public speaking and debating.

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Outdoor education and camps

The outdoor education journey at Prince Alfred College is an essential part of developing a boy’s social, physical and mental strength and wellbeing. The journey starts in the Prep School with a range of overnight excursions to support their classroom learning, develop independence, and allow our boys to have fun, strengthen friendships and explore the outdoors together.


Pastoral care

Our pastoral care program focuses on developing character and compassion as part of an all-round education that nurtures the unique qualities and interests of each boy.

Our team of educators, counsellors, Chaplain and support staff work together to provide a safe and supportive place of belonging for every Preparatory School boy. Guided by our mantra of, ‘Work Hard, Be Kind’ we make sure our boys know they are cared for, respected and valued as they thrive on their journey to becoming a Princes Man. 

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